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Industrias Topaz S.A., was founded in 1976. It begun with the production and distribution of dress shirts for the national brand Branson, for El Salvador´s local market. In 1979. It expanded its operations by acquiring the license to manufacture and distribute the international brand Pierre Cardin, for Central America and the Caribbean.

In the beginning, the Pierre Cardin license was only used to manufacture and distribute dress shirts, but it was quickly expanded to casual shirts, sport shirts, blouses and leather goods with great success. In 1994, it also expanded the license to manufacture and distribute jeans, in order to complete its collection.                            


In 2002, Topaz signed with Perry Ellis International, to manufacture and distribute the Manhattan Brand for the Region of Central American. Their products are constantly being designed, created and developed in all categories of men's clothing by Industrias Topaz.

From 2005 to the present date, our challenge has been to expand commercially throughout the region of Central America, strengthening our relationships with all our customers. We also began to open our own stores in El Salvador, Guatemala and, Costa Rica. Our stores have allowed us to have a greater presence and image for our brands, and to continue growing and developing new lines of products for both women and men.

From 2015 to this date, we have made important investments in our industrial plant, which have allowed us to improve our productive capacity and at the same time to maximize and improve our quality standards. We have also acquired a new software system that allows us to integrate all of our operational departments. This has helped us immensely to efficiently manage our inventories and to fulfill quicker our customers´ product preferences.

Today, our main focus is to strengthen the image and presence of our brands in all the markets we venture, emphasizing on increasing our commercial relations with our distributing customers. We continue to open retail stores that generate value and image to our brands.


Seeking to always be at the forefront of digital technology; we decided to venture into electronic commerce at the beginning of this year; launching our online store in El Salvador: www.pierrecardin.com.sv

Industrias Topaz S.A. has an affiliated production plant in Guatemala. Due to its constant passion, dedication and effort the group is today the leader in manufacturing and marketing of clothing items for ladies and gentlemen in Central America.

We are a hard working team of 1,100 employees in the region, putting ourselves at your service.

Mission / Vision


At Industrias Topaz S.A., our main mission is to be a world class leading company, which provides quality innovative products that add value to our customers. We use international standards of quality, productivity and cutting-edge technology with social responsibility.


Our vision is to be a company that continuously improves the quality of our clothing and service standards. We strive to know our customers well and to always exceed their demands and expectations.

We are also conscious of helping our environment and communities where we work.


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